Life on The Street

Traffic, tourists, construction, commuters and a seemingly endless array of cartoon characters, nudists and hawkers add up to a nightmare on the Great White Way.


“There are really almost no rules out here,” said Matthew Lineham, 26, of Brooklyn, who has hawked tickets to comedy shows in Times Square for three years. “More and more people are running scams. Mascots and people selling tickets are aggressive.”


“I see Spider-Man mugging people all the time,” he continued. “I just saw a bus guy get in a fight like five minutes ago. I have been punched. I have been spit at. There are so many things that shouldn’t be going on out here.”


The chaos isn’t relegated to just one street corner or block — it’s everywhere, from 42nd Street all the way up to 48th.

And it’s so bad that Broadway officials blame the chaos for slumping ticket sales, prompting the Times Square Alliance to push for a law that would require costumed characters to register with the city to ply their trade.

Times Square"The Orchestra Man"Bat Man960x540

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